McCartin Financial specializes exclusively on meeting the financial needs of those age 50 and over.

Our services include:

  • Estate Strategies including assistance with living trusts and the possibility of eliminating  estate taxes.
  • Retirement Strategies  explaining methods to invest in or receive money from IRAs, rollovers, and pensions. In some cases, we’ll show you how to make withdrawals tax free.
  • Long Term Care Insurance or qualification for Medicaid.
  • Income Enhancement with immediate annuities.
  • Unique Solutions to Problems such as how to have your investments keep pace with the stock market while having your principal guaranteed. (Guarantees extend to the claims paying ability of the issuer.)
  • Mathematical Asset Strategies, a method that will potentially protect your original investment principal, increase your monthly income, make certain you don’t lose any money or resources, and potentially reduce your taxes.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Income Strategies, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. McCartin and Associates and Sound Income Strategies, LLC are not associated entities.